72h hrv analyse

72h HRV analysis

Stress. Relaxation. Movement. Sleep

The 72h HRV analysis is a wonderful, non-invasive measurement method to illuminate your everyday life in a more detailed way over a period of three days in terms of the topics: stress, relaxation, regeneration, sleep and exercise. All you have to do for this is to wear the small “Bodyguard 2” (see picture below) for these said three days via two electrodes connected to your body.

72h HRV analysis – what is it?

In the 72-HRV analysis, your heart rate variability (HRV) is measured over the said period of 3 days using the small, technical device “Bodyguard 2”. Attached to the body by two electrodes, the little bodyguard continuously records your heart rate.
The heart rate is practically the time interval between two heartbeats. This distance between two heartbeats is never one and the same, but it varies. The healthier we are, the more variable is the distance between heartbeats. If our body is not healthy or under stress, the variability decreases.
Heart rate variability therefore provides information about our health at its core.

You can learn more about heart rate variability measurement in my blog article “Heart Rate Variability Measurement (HRV)“.

HRV- Herzratenvariabilitaet

How does such a measurement work?

First of all, there is a short appointment with me, on which you will receive from me the device – the Bodyguard 2 – as well as sufficient adhesive electrodes and of course a small “operating instruction”. I will also explain to you on this appointment – far from the user manual you are aware of – how to attach the device to the body and what you have to consider.

Usually it makes sense that you wear the device on a non-working day – usually Sunday – and the following two working days. This gives us information about how your body works on working days as well as on relaxed days.

Over these 3 days you now wear the bodyguard unnoticed both during the day and at night – only when showering or swimming it has to be removed.

The bodyguard now records the heart rate variability over these three days. By email you will receive a link to your “Diary” directly in advance. Here you enter the days roughly or in detail what exactly you did at what time. The registration there is made very easy for you as the user – you tap, as in your calendar, onto the time and create a new entry. There are already presets, such as “food” or “sport” or “sleep”, you type in the respective one, set the duration and the entry is ready. The more accurate the entries here are, the better you can evaluate later what was actually stress or relaxation for your body and how your body reacted individually to everything.

After these three days, you remove the bodyguard and bring it back to me. The data that the bodyguard recorded is then transferred by me to a program, which in turn creates a wonderful 8-12-page evaluation.

We then discuss this evaluation and its interpretation in a follow-up appointment of approx. 30-60 minutes.

What can be seen in the evaluation?

The 72h HRV analysis provides information on the topics: stress, relaxation, regeneration, movement and sleep.

More specifically, this means that we recognize:

  • whether you had enough sleep
  • whether sleep was relaxing and your reserves were recharged
  • how your ratio from stress and regeneration/relaxation in the days has been
  • whether there have been also moments of regeneration during the day
  • how your body reacted to the movement you had on the days
    – was it perhaps too much, have you overtrained or maybe your body was even underwhelmed?
  • what has been relaxing for you and what has been stressful for you

All this is usually very interesting, especially if you compare the HRV analysis with your own perception. Sometimes the person him/herself does not take certain situations as stress, but in the HRV analysis the stress can be clearly seen.

What is the aim of the HRV analysis?

The aim, of course, is to gradually bring you more into balance or even in your own personal “middle”. In addition, you get a stronger awareness and a sharper perception for yourself, your body, your feelings and your work-life balance. The HRV analysis gives you the opportunity to get a little bit more to yourself.

Through HRV analysis, you can see, almost in black and white, how your body is doing, and how stressed or not you are. Again and again there are WOW moments with the people. Matching your own body perception and perception of stress and/ or relaxation with HRV analysis is always a small revelation.

We discuss HRV analysis in detail and will then set small goals, small changes that you might be able to achieve or implement in your ongoing daily routine to regulate and absorb any imbalances.

The goals can be to install small movement units here and there – if only a walk in between. Or perhaps to integrate small relaxation exercises, so that the body not only gets the opportunity to regenerate during sleep, but can also refuel during the day.

Another possibility is, for example, in the IHHT – interval hypoxia hyperoxia training. This offers relaxation at the same time, but also regeneration to the highest degree at the cell level. (More on this on my page “IHHT interval hypoxia hyperoxia training“).

Needless to know, certain herbal products could also help regulate or support imbalances. We would then discuss this individually.

And the nice thing is: the results of the small changes you make can be seen just as wonderfully in a follow-up HRV analysis about 8 weeks later.

Try it out – you’ll be amazed at the results of the 72h HRV analysis!