Mitochondria – our indispensable energy power plants!

Mitochondria – you’ve probably never really heard of it, have you? Some guys still know the term from the biology lessons from earlier school days. Mitochondria are the ultimate power plants in our body cells. Without them, actually nothing in the body works, because they produce our energy!

Mitochondria are so-called cell organelles – which means they are found as components in all our body cells – well, except for our red blood cells (the so-called erythrocytes). Each body has over 80 trillion body cells and in each of these cells there is not only one mitochondria, but 1,500 to 4,000 mitochondria! Madness, right?!

Our mitochondria produce energy as ATP. Some people have heard this somewhere before and reminds it. ATP, the adenosine triphosphate is the one-and-only energy supplier in our body to keep all organs, all metabolic processes running and supply energy.

Let it melt on the tongue – Everything in the body needs and consumes ATP – energy. Our liver, our kidneys, our thyroid gland, our intestines, our hormonal system, the immune system, the mucous membranes, the ovaries, uterus, prostate, adrenal glands, our heart, our sensory organs – simply everything needs and consumes ATP.

So if you look at it closely, the mitochondria are the basis, the core core of any disease and also any recovery process. If we are in a bad position here, then we get complaints in many places in the body. If we ignore the mitochondria in our therapy….it will be difficult to actually get healthy and stay healthy in the core.

Without energy, nothing works in the body! So I think we should thank our mitochondria every day for the ingenious hard work they do to keep us alive.

The cells with the highest mitochondria number are found in our heart,our muscles,our nervous system and in our sensory organs. So if you have bad habitudes with your mitochondria, complaints like to occur first in these areas. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

How do our mitochondria work?

Our mitochondria are small marvels – just like our entire body is. They produce roughly from the fatty acids, the carbohydrates and also from proteins/amino acids, which we absorb through our food, the said ATP (energy).

Simply described, there are several workflows in the mitochondria in which fabrics are converted and converted, so that ATP comes out at the end. It’s like a chain – processes that take place one after the other and have to take place so that ATP can actually come out of it.

Sounds quite simple at first, doesn’t it? So where is the problem?

Well, these processes not only need the fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins as starting substances, they also need all sorts of micronutrients – including the B vitamins, coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, potassium, magnesium and and and.

The processes/complexes can only run and ATP can ONLY come out of this, so if all nutrients are in sufficient quantity!

When and how do problems arise?

If nutrients are missing in the cell and also in the mitochondria, the mitochondria cannot produce energy.
Now it is the case that unfortunately due to many factors/living conditions, our micronutrients are increasingly in short supply. Stress should be mentioned as the biggest and, in my opinion, most important factor.

So if the nutrients are missing – if only that a few of them are in deficit – then the mitochondria cannot work properly and do not produce energy, they damage and then cause diseases/complaints – also called mitochondriopathies .

Since we harbor mitochondria in all our organs and tissues, there can now be discomfort/diseases in all areas of the body and of course also of the psyche.

Factors that lead to nutrient deficiency

  • Stress in any form

  • todiet high in carbohydrates (sugar)

  • an intestine in imbalance

  • low-nutrient diet
    (finished food, little vegetables/fruit, warmed-up, microwave)

  • too little movement

  • Exposure to the body with poisons
    (in addition to heavy/light metals, food additives, household chemistry, cosmetics, etc…)

  • too much sport

  • Lack of sleep/poor sleep hygiene

  • Electrosmog

  • Inflammation in the body

  • inferior drinking water and too little drinking

  • too little healthy breathing air
    (too few walks in true nature with good air, too shallow breathing…)

How can we do good to our mitochondria
/ regenerate them?

Since we are all exposed to the above factors that harm our mitochondria, the question now is, what can we do?

Yes, it is true that a life in a city in particular brings with it more and more burdens. But we can adapt our lives here and there in small steps. We can drink more, move more, pay attention to healthier diets – at least from time to time – etc. etc.
It’s just about dealing more consciously with ourselves, our bodies, our psyche and our lives. This is the most important thing in mitochondria regeneration.

From a therapeutic point of view, every patient goes through a detailed diagnosis with me first. In other words, there is an extensive anamnesis conversation. So we can see how the complaints have built up over the years.

The more accurate the diagnosis, the more effective it is actually to treat.

As a result, treatment for the regeneration of mitochondria is
in the rough simplified by the following factors, which should at best interact:

  • Adaptation of lifestyle
    (more exercise, nourishing diet, dealing with stress, sleep improvement, rhythms)

  • Restore intestinal remediation/balance in the intestine

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Targeted supplementation of special micronutrients

Bit by bit, the patient should be involved in the regeneration of the mitochondria and absolute improvement of his quality of life.
How long and how successful the treatment is depends on many factors and can never be predicted, especially since as a naturopath I cannot and cannot make any promises of salvation in every respect. Regeneration is possible – in my opinion always! It is a question of the interplay of many factors and the psyche is of course not to be overlooked!

In my opinion, there are clear reasons why we people here and there are being brought into a certain state of, I call it ‘weakness’. Mostly we got a bit on the wooden path and the body then acts because we obviously haven’t seen/understood it on other levels. The poor body has to make clear what we should see. And then simply bring the body back into “top form” just so that life can continue as zuvor….so growth and healing is certainly not envisaged in the world and in life.

So: It is important that one understands and consciously perceives how one lives, how one treats oneself and one’s body and where all this leads, or to consciously ask oneself: Where do I want to go at all? How am I? What do I want? What are my wishes?

Our mitochondria are incredibly important and valuable!
So let’s learn to appreciate our mitochondria
and let us help them and thus ourselves
to a livable and happy, healthier life!