Many people have issues without knowing how exactly they originated. The issues are treated, which usually seems to be successful at first. But then the issues come back again and again or there are issues in another place, which are then treated directly again.

In such cases, “treatment” actually means “suppression”. If, for example, there is pain, pain pills are taken. This “helps” as long as the tablets are taken. If they are dropped off, the pain will come back soon. If we find the true cause of your discomfort, we give your body the opportunity to actually recover and we also give you a better quality of life. Two truly worthwhile goals, I think.


First of all, we are working together to detailed anamnesis. This means we have a 1-1.5 hour conversation in which I ask you questions about each physical area, as well as topics such as: your habits, diet, drinking, exercise, moods, character traits, hobbies, work situation etc.. This is not just about your current complaints,but also to your health history. I’m just watching how it all started.

You are informed exactly about the costs and the process, so that you can freely decide which examinations you want to have carried out or not. Through the truly individually tailored examinations and results, we are then able to put together a tailor-made treatment. In the following you will find out more about the individual examination procedures that I offer in my practice.

Opportunities for investigation